Decent Hardware Longboard Tasche

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Decent Hardwear
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The longboard bag from Decent Hardware has 3 designated spaces/straps for boards, two removable pouches for wheels and 1 large zippered pocket for storing clean clothing, wheels, trucks, tools, etc.

This sports carry bag has zippers at the bottom to allow for one of your boards to stick out and act as rollers for the bag. This makes transporting a heavy load easier.

Made from a heavy duty abrasion resistant rubber backed D600 Cordura polyester. The longboard bag has an interior liner that is grip tape resistant, thanks to the use of Lucky Star PVC impregnated tarpaulin. Not only is this liner padded, it also helps keep drinks cool for quite some time.


H: 28.5cm (11.2'') x W: 27cm (10.6'') L: 108cm (42.5")


My first dedicated longboard bag - seems robust and reasonable price compared to other specialist sports holdalls.
Kev Hurdle (Benfleet)
Bewertung: 4 von 5!