Snow Scooters


The Snow Scooter - A Trick scooter with Sledges

Snow scooters can be described as stunt scooters for snowy weather - with sledges attached instead of wheels.

With a snow scooter you can do stunts on flat snow areas like you would on asphalt with your trick scooter. You can also ride down the piste or go for a journey off-piste, doing tricks in the air and on the snow while going downhill with full speed.

A Snow scooter lets you do even more stunt options in the snow than you would on skis or a snowboard, since the handlebar and construction allows you to do many well-known trick scooter tricks.

The idea behind it comes from professional scooter riders, who wanted to practice stunts on their scooter during winter seasons. The features and construction of snow scooters depends on the brand, since there are different takes on how a snow scooter is made.