Lupine Piko RX 4 Smartcore Headlight

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Piko is a dual bulb headlamp system with a smart wireless bluetooth remote button for switching the light on and off and changing light intensitivity. Powerful 1500 Lumen will light up every path you might take when running, roller skiing, cross country skiing, biking, alpine skiing or hiking. This Piko RX 4 has a headband to attach both lamp and battery.

You can download the Lupine Light Control App that allows you to program the bluetooth remote control beam power.


- Piko R 1500 lumen lamp
- 3.3Ah SmartCore Battery
- Runtime at full beam: App. 1:45h
- Runtime at low beam: App. 80h
- Light reach: 210m
- Weight: 200g
- Headband with Fastclick mount for lamp and battery
- Bluetooth remote
- Bluetooth armlet mount
- Charger
- Manual

Technische Daten

Laufzeit bei niedrigem Lichtstrahl:
80 Stunde
Laufzeit Volllichtstrahl:
1:45 Stunden


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