How to Assemble a Custom Skateboard

A custom skateboard is the only way to go if you want a personal setup with all the right parts. Here in this quick video guide, Jonas shows us how to assemble a complete skateboard in a jiffy.

  1. Start by taking the foil, the non-sticky part off
  2. Then put the griptape on the deck (start at the end and work your way up)
  3. Scratch the griptape with an Allan key or a screwdriver
  4. Use a box knife to cut the excess off the griptape - always cut from below in a ~ 45° angle
  5. Use the rough side of the griptape remains to sand the edges
  6. Use the Allen key or a screwdriver to make the holes into griptape
  7. Put the bolts into holes
  8. Place the trucks onto the four bolts
  9. Screw on the locking nuts and tighten them in a cross-diagonal pattern
  10. Repeat the steps for the other truck
  11. Use the truck axle to install the wheel bearings
  12. Make sure to a place the speed rings on the top and bottom
  13. Tighten the locking nut and make sure that the wheel is able to spin freely
  14. Repeat the steps for the other wheels

Now you have assembled all the parts, and the time has come to show off your authoritah! Shred on!!


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