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Youth Aggressive Skate Frame

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Youth Frame Co.
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The first aggressive skate frame set from Jon Julio's new company. The Youth frames feature a super light-weight design. It comes with 8mm axles and a grooved shape that has been tweeked to perfection by Jon and the two Chris'. The grind surface area is kept at a minium in order to provide effortless smooth slides.

The Youth frames come in three different colours - Each dedicated to a Youth pro rider:

  • Black: Chris Haffey
  • White: Chris Farmer
  • Red: Jon Julio

Size recommendation:

Frame size - EU/UK size - Actual length

  • 1 = 38/5 - 41/8 - 279mm (11'')
  • 2 = 41/8 - 45/11 - 286mm (11.25'')


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