Razor Crazy Cart XL

EUR 999,00*
Razor Scooter
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The XL is an upscaled version of the regular version of Razors Crazy Cart. Learning how to go sideways takes only minutes. It is a fun and exciting little machine that will reach speeds of up to 19 km/h (12MPH).

It works by activating the drift-lever which in turn pushes caster wheels into the ground allowing the rear end to slide out. Since the Cart is low, visibility is ensured by the Razor flag that comes with it.

The Cart keeps drifting for up to 40 minutes per charge. Charger and the 3 x 12V batteries are hidden beneath the seat.

The Cart comes almost ready to use - you only need to mount the seat, mount the flag and then charge it up and you are ready to let it rip!


Max rider weight is 109kg (240lb) and the recommended age is from 16 years and up.

Since this is an electrical vehicle, we encourage you to check with local law for use in public areas.



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