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Rampage Airbox

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Rampage Skate Ramps and Grind Rails
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Rampage Airbox is two Launch Ramps joined by a spine. The structure is held together by four wing nuts that easily helps you put it together or take it apart. Thanks to the light weight and stiff structure you can move it about. But you always have the option of bolting it firmly to the ground to help keep it in place.

Hot injection molded hi-impact resistant polyethylene.

We recommend using these ramps for beginners only.

Measurements: H:13"(33cm) x W:24.5"(62cm) x L:78"(200cm)

Max rider weight = 90kg


Kids sind fleissig am Üben und haben Spass !
Andrea Schöni (Jona)
Bewertung: 5 von 5!