Out Of Open Chameleon/The One Gelo Skibrille

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The Open Frame from Out Of goggles is a purpose built pair of goggles for the Racers and Freeriders. With a mere 6 second lens change it will provide skiers with a fast and efficient skiing experience. With the widest field of view available from Out Of's range, Zeiss lenses and the Dual Frame construction you get a pair of goggles that will be great to wear all day long and a superior protection against the elements without them fogging up.

They utilize the Dual Frame construction which is a compilation layers of varied foam and frame materials for an optimal combination of impact protection, comfort and fog free skiing.

The Open frame is helmet compatible and comes with a 195° horizontal field of view which helps Skiers and Snowboarders nail landings and providing them with an almost unlimited field of view.

These Open Chameleon ski goggles comes with the "The One" Gelo lens from Out Of. It is a part of their newly developed range of lens' which is a photochromic polarized lens incorporating some clever pigments that actually change color when exposed to various levels of light. From Yellow for high contrast to dark for glare/reflection reduction. This yields a lens that can be used in more conditions than regular lens types.

The Gelo has an S2/S3 rating making it useable in most regular conditions. For optimal lens configuration in cloudy and snowy weather you can easily switch to the Persimmon lens included.

Microfiber bag is included.

Lens Light Conditions:

  • The One - Gelo: S2/S3 Sunny/Slightly cloudy
  • Persimmon by Carl Zeiss: S1 Cloudy/Snowy

Technische Daten

Schnee, Bewölkt, Teilweise bewölkt, Sonnig
Austauschbare Scheibe:
The One Gelo
Anti Fog
Hypoallergenic triple density
Inkl. Extra Scheibe:
Extra Scheibe:
Persimmon by Carl Zeiss
Double lens


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