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From Segway comes the MiniLITE hoverboard. It is Segway's version for the smaller riders from age 6 and up. It features quite a few similar functionalities as the MiniPRO but in more stripped down version.

The MiniLITE makes hoverboard riding fun and accessible for kids. Thanks to capabilities such as 200 micro adjustments per second, easy rider detection and the combination option with the app make this Segway a pure joy for smaller riders. These functions will have them on their way fast and inspire confidence to learn maneuvers more swiftly and safely.

It's primarily controlled by the knee control bar, which gently curves to the shape of the inner thigh. By simply leaning in the direction you want to go, the MiniLITE reacts and takes you there. This segboard is made for riders with a weight between 10 - 80kg.

With the App-connectivity you get a combined range of options that are both fun and informative. From the statistics of usage to the riders-nearby function, the app will help you evolve both your riding and help you extend your range through more clever use. The app is available for both Android and IOS and will let you control many different features such as LED light color, check battery status and even a remote feature. With the app, you also activate the vehicle's alarm and will alert you if someone tries to steal your precious ride.

The materials are all chosen for their lightweight properties and also for their structural strength and durability. Materials include magnesium, titanium, carbon, and aluminum.


  • Motor: 2 x 350 watt nominal
  • Compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones
  • Max. speed: 16km/h (10mph)
  • Approximate range: 18km (11.2 miles)
  • Max climbing angle: 15°
  • Max user weight: 80kg (176lbs)
  • Approximate charging time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 12.5kg (28lbs)
  • Measurements: L:263mm x W:590mm x H:590mm


The rules for taking electric recreational vehicles onto public roads vary from country to country. We urge you to check with your local police or public authority for specific rules in your country.

Since the miniLITE is an electric vehicle we advise users to use it only in dry conditions and not on sandy or overly dusty surfaces.

For our UK customers, we regret to inform that the Segway miniLITE does not come with a UK plug for the charger. Therefore, an adapter plug is required.

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